Hello from the Other Side

Why hello there, long time, no see, er, write… Anyway, since moving to England, I have had a myriad of adventures and a myriad of conundrums. Moving to a foreign country brings unexpected events on an almost daily basis.

For instance, take my battle with acquiring the packages I sent from the US to the UK. My packages got stuck in customs. Alas. In order to prevent them from languishing away in a warehouse somewhere on the coast of England, I called up UPS customer support. An automated British woman’s voice chirped at me: “Please say your package’s tracking number to proceed.” I said my tracking number.

“I’m sorry, I did not catch that. Please repeat your tracking number.” I tried again and received the same annoyingly sanguine response. I knew I articulated the numbers correctly, so I decided that perhaps the problem was my American accent. Hence, I took a deep breath, rallied my spirits, and enunciated my tracking number again, this time in my best British accent. “1-9-5-4-9-4-7-2-5-7-3.” I nervously held my breath.

“Tracking number accepted.” Success!! UPS finally took my tracking number! So there you have it: British UPS Customer Support does not speak American. Good thing I am learning British 😉


In other news, Mom came to visit 🙂 We had a marvellous time exploring Buckingham Palace’s state rooms, sampling fancy chocolates at Harrods (a ludicrously posh store), waltzing down Portobello Road, and simply spending time together.

Harrods looking rather regal
It was delightful to check Portobello Road off my London Bucket List and who better to do it with than Mom? 🙂


We also explored The George Inn, the medieval pub I told you about previously. We enjoyed wandering through the pub’s little rooms, imagining ourselves sitting down to share a Sunday Roast dinner with Shakespeare or Dickens, two of the pub’s illustrious patrons.

Traditionally, travellers would stay overnight in the little rooms above the pub

One highlight of our adventures was taking a boat down the Thames River and witnessing the rare sight of Tower Bridge opening to allow a large sail boat to pass through!

Talk about a traffic stopper, literally

Will’s parents joined us in London for the weekend, and we indulged in each other’s company, visiting Greenwich Park and the Maritime Museum.

Greenwich Park

My inner theatre nerd gleefully rejoiced as we went to The Globe to see a production of Much Ado About Nothing.


We even had seats! If you recall, the last time I visited The Globe, I stood in the “Groundlings” section, which is fun until your legs start burning halfway through the play and you realise you still have another 1.5 hours of standing. Sitting is the way to go.

All in all, I am relishing life in England despite the minor setbacks that come with moving to a foreign land and trying to figure out its idiosyncrasies. I shall keep you updated 🙂 Now I’m off for a spot of tea and some readings for my masters. As the Brits would say, cheers!



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