One More

On this highway we call life, we have a limited time to drive. For some, the ride is smooth; for others, bumpy; for most of us, replete with twists and turns.

My highway currently leads to a bridge: a bridge that leads me across the Atlantic Ocean to England. Today marks forty-nine more days of California sunshine before I move to London.

My imminent departure from this country inspired me to ponder what my “one mores” are. By this, I mean what I desire to experience “one more” of before I go. Here is my list thus far:

  1. One more walk on the beach at sunset – not done yet



2. One more BJ’s pizookie (my favorite dessert–a giant chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top) – check


3. One more show at the Hollywood Bowl with Mom – check

We saw Queen with Adam Lambert singing the part of Freddie Mercury

4. One more breakfast with Maynard at Cafe Nouveau – we are going next week 🙂

Our favorite French toast and a cameo by Maynard’s finger 🙂

5. One more sunburn – I am not actually trying to make this happen, but knowing my fair complexion, I think it is highly likely, so I figured I would add it

6. One more drive along the Pacific Coast Highway – not done yet


7. One more burger at In-N-Out – check

8. One more visit to my favorite bookstore in Los Angeles – not done yet

My grandmother, Janelle, used to take me here every Saturday when I was a kid. It was my happy place 🙂 Fun fact: the bookstore resides in a grand, old movie theatre. Finally books triumph over movies!

9. One more interesting class – check

I took a class at Cal State Channel Islands. Before becoming a university, the buildings were the site of Camarillo State Mental Hospital, which is the mental hospital the song “Hotel California” was based on.

That concludes my list thus far. Do you have any recommendations?

On a separate note, I thought I would share one of the most interesting concepts from my class on Conflict Management and Mediation.

The Quakers pioneered a method of conflict resolution known as the “Quaker Circle.” If a townsperson was struggling with a difficult decision or conflict, he could call for a Quaker Circle. This consisted of a group of helpful townspeople sitting around him and asking him questions about the conflict without offering advice or conferring judgment. The method’s elegant simplicity rested in the fact that rumination driven by people’s questions would lead the person to see his desires more clearly and come up with a solution.


The next time you or someone in your life feels troubled, try asking some classic Quaker questions to inspire thought:

-What do you really want?

-How would you like this experience to end? For you? For the other person?

-What is at stake for you?

-Will this still matter to you six months from now? A year? Ten years?

-What is the best option you have now to deal with this issue?

It is amazing how much introspection can reveal to us. That being said, I am off to think.

~Farewell, Janelle





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